Since the departure of the Howard government, medical clinics have been battling in the Australian economy. Major changes to Medicare and bulk billing practices have put a squeeze on the profits that medical centres had been making over the last few decades. There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel following the New South Wales’ government’s commitment to sustainability by launching an energy saving scheme that will save medical centres maintenance and operating costs by up to 60% per year.

The Energy Saving Scheme (ESS) is aimed at reducing carbon emissions in NSW by providing financial incentives to businesses that implement energy saving strategies. The scheme is simple, all you have to do is implement an energy saving strategy and you will be paid for each MWh of carbon emission you save. While there are several strategies medical centers can follow to take advantage of this offer, the installation of a new lighting system is expected to have the most profound effect.

Medical centres that still use incandescent lights are consuming a higher amount of energy which leads the centre to accrue more energy costs and higher operating overheads. Additionally, incandescent bulbs usually require ongoing maintenance and the luminosity of the bulbs can affect the health and wellbeing of staff and patients at your facility.

LED lighting systems use a fraction of the energy of traditional lighting systems, energy savings that translate directly to cash under this new plan. Because medical centers are heavily dependent on powerful and expansive lighting systems, LED lights will provide the most potential for centres to cut down their operating costs and improve their profit margins.

Other business sectors are already reaping the benefits. A commercial building in New South Wales made the switch to LED lights as their energy saving strategy. In one case, a business received over $77,000 in government energy saving reimbursements as well as $22,600 that they saved on energy bills. That comes out to over $99,000 added back into their pocket because of a simple switch in lighting. A win-win for both customers, the environment, and the company’s financial outlook.

Yet, there is a catch in the reimbursement system that requires you to act quickly.Reimbursements are issued through “Energy Saving Certificates” which are sold to scheme participants. These scheme participants are required by law to purchase a certain number of energy saving certificates per month (they are then refunded by the government) and because the scheme is new, these certificates are in high demand. The certificates are predicted to drop in price as time progresses. Medical centres that have added LED lights cite that they have created a much more comfortable atmosphere, resulting in improved patient satisfaction and patient recidivism. Making the change to LED lights might be just the thing you need to take your level of healthcare to the next level.

SaveWise can help your centre participate in the scheme. Not only will they install your new LED lights, but they will also help with the purchase of your Energy Saving Certificates at a premium price. For more information on how you can get started, contact Savewise toll-free at 1-300-893-892 or visit their website at