We want you to purchase LED lights from Savewise, but what makes us even happier is if you are implementing ways to minimise the energy consumption in your property. If you have several dark spaces in your property, investing in the right lighting solution will make the space appear brighter and more lively.

You should consider improving the brightness of the space with these methods prior to investing in LED lightbulbs.

Use the mirror effect.

Install mirrors adjacent and opposite to major openings. This will reflect the amount of natural light that is in the room.

Change your window treatments.

Window treatments such as blinds or curtains should have a bright colour that will allow natural light to enter the space. Alternatively, you can use an opaque treatment that will give you privacy whilst still letting light into the room.

Minimise clutter.

Create a minimalist space that will allow light to travel easily in the space. The more clutter there is, the darker the room will look. Eliminate items that aren’t needed so you can maximise the open space in the area.

Paint the room in a brighter colour.

One of the simplest things you can do to improve the brightness of a room is to paint the room in a brighter colour. If the room uses dark colours like black or dark blue or brown, the light will get absorbed. If the room is painted a brighter colour closer to white, more light will be reflected and the room will appear to be brighter.

Invest in a skylight.

Another great way to maximise light in dark spaces is to invest in a skylight in the roof of your property. A small sunlight will make a noticeable difference, however the bigger the sunlight, the better the solar lighting effect your property will have. By night, you will also be able to have a lunar lighting or twilight effect.

Invest in a solar tube.

Similar to a skylight, solar tubes can actually channel sunlight from the roof into dark spaces or rooms that don’t have access to sunlight.

Add mirrors to your storage areas.

These are a few ways you can improve the brightness of your room with natural light. This will help to cut lighting energy costs over the long-term. By complementing this with LED lights, you could minimise your lighting costs by up to 80%.

Get in touch with one of the Savewise experts to see how they can advise you on  a lighting design strategy that will help you save money over the next 24 months.