There are several things that people will invest in on a whim, but it will provide little or no impact on the quality of their lives in the future. They may spend $2 every week playing the lotto, or treat themselves to a piece of expensive jewellery or a carton of alcohol. It costs them money and they feel a sense of value with it at the time, but there are better ways they could have used their money.

One of the areas that they can look into is how they can improve their sustainable practices and benefit in terms of their economic wealth, eco-friendliness and their overall productivity.

If you’ve not considered retrofitting your lighting setup, here’s a few reasons why you should consider doing it and why you stand to benefit from it in so many ways.

Energy-efficient LED light bulbs are a great way to lower your energy consumption costs.

Lighting overheads typically accounted for 15% of a property’s overheads. According to research conducted by Australian Parliament, energy prices have risen by 72% over the past ten years. There are several factors that have contributed to the price rises, such as network costs and wholesale prices. But many of these factors are outside of the control of the customer.

This leaves people with a couple of options to reduce their energy consumption costs.


  1. They improve or change their habits so that less energy is consumed.


  1. People invest in technology that minimises energy consumption.


The latter with LED lighting technology provides the biggest impact. People and businesses that have retrofitted their properties with LED lights have reduced their lighting overhead annual expenses by 60%.

High-quality energy efficient light bulbs improve health and productivity.

There have been a few studies that have linked lighting to health and productivity. The best quality light available is sunlight, however, it cannot be distributed to all spaces within a property. Traditionally, bright incandescent lights drew a lot of power, which would make it more expensive to run, as well as an expense that couldn’t be justified.

LED lights that emit a high amount of lumens similar to sunlight provide a much better quality of light that will enhance health and productivity benefits.

The retrofit trend is being supported by local governments.

If you are interested in making the upgrade, you should get in touch with your local government to see whether they have any subsidy schemes on offer. Savewise is helping residents and businesses based in New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria to take advantage of the subsidies available in their states.

If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch with a Savewise representative today.