The light bulbs in your office might be doing you more harm than good. If your organisation hasn’t switched to LED lightbulbs, then it is likely that your organisation’s staff are being affected in a way that is costing thousands or even millions of dollars in extra costs every year. Organisations want employees productivity to improve, however employees are limited by the conditions of their working environment. Here are some of the benefits that your organisation can reap by upgrading to LED lighting.

Improved lighting reduces health risks in the office

Employees on sick leave or workers compensation is very costly to employers. The average sick leave per person costs an organisation approximately $2000 each month. Additionally, statistics from Safework Australia show the average employee in 2011-2012 had 5.4 weeks on workers compensation and cost the business $8,900. The thing is, lighting is a crucial factor that contributes to ill health and workplace accidents.

This usually occurs from poor lighting such as dim lighting or flickering lights. Furthermore, incandescent and fluorescent bulbs are known to cause more issues that lead to health problems than LED light bulbs.

Improvement in cognitive functions

Well lit spaces are known to improve the cognitive function of employees. Spaces that relied on incandescent bulbs for their lighting would need to invest in higher Watt bulbs. As a result, the bulbs would draw more energy and cost the organisation more in overhead costs.

LED lights can emit light at different temperatures. LED lights that emit “blue” are the closest to natural light and are known to have positive effects on people’s health, alertness and productivity.

Reduced maintenance costs

Incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs are cheaper, however they will cost the business more in maintenance over the long-term. The life of an LED bulb can last for several years unlink incandescent and fluorescent bulbs that can start to give after a couple of months.

Improved revenue

The more productive your staff are, the more revenue your organisation will generate. The productivity costs will shrink and profits should increase over the long term.

Other benefits include reduced costs

The biggest benefit for organisations is that retrofitting their offices with LED light bulbs will significantly reduce their overhead costs. Most offices that have made the switch report annual savings of up to 60%.

Explore the opportunities that your office can benefit from by getting in touch with an expert from Savewise. There are schemes available in both New South Wales and Victoria that will subsidise the cost to upgrade to energy efficient lighting. Get in touch with Savewise today!