Improving the energy efficiency of your business is good for the environment and good for improving the overall profitability of your business. All too often, business owners and managers feel like they are being crippled by their lighting overhead expenses. You just need to walk through the Sydney or Melbourne CBDs at 7pm to see how much energy is being consumed in order to light up offices or retail shops. The need to power these lights will continue, however the cost to businesses and the environment won’t be sustainable over the long-term.

Why is it beneficial for businesses to upgrade their lighting?

Many businesses still use incandescent lighting in their business. The problem with incandescent lights is that they are extremely inefficient when it comes to their consumption of energy. The scary thing is the bulb wastes up to 90% of energy through heat. For the business manager, they are losing 90 cents out of every dollar everytime incandescent lights are left on. LED light bulbs use the energy that would be wasted more efficiently, thus reducing the cost to power your lighting.

Businesses that have made the upgrade have reported up to 60% in savings on their energy bills. This provides a huge opportunity for businesses to improve their profit margins and to reinvest their savings to grow the business even further.

How can businesses get involved?

There are schemes being launched across New South Wales and Victoria to help businesses upgrade to energy efficient lighting. In the past, businesses have put-off lighting upgrades because the expense to the business was too high in terms of the initial outlay and the long-term cost benefit. The introduction of the VEET scheme in Victoria and the ESS in New South Wales will help businesses subsidise the cost to upgrade to energy efficient lighting.

Get in touch with Savewise to see how we can help improve your business’s lighting.

Savewise has a team of experts who can visit your business and audit the current lighting design and suggest improvements that will save your business money over the long-term. The team can work closely with your business to apply and secure subsidies from the state incentive schemes in Victoria and New South Wales.

If you have noticed your electricity bills going up year after year, then it is time to make the switch. Visit and request a callback from one of our specialists who will help you make the necessary improvements that will save money for your business.