It can be a bit of a challenge to get your organisation’s staff to successfully implement eco-friendly habits without affecting their working lifestyle. However, you can have more success by leveraging technology, engaging in eco-friendly partnerships and encouraging minor habit changes that will allow your organisation to achieve their sustainability goals. Here are some ways you can get your staff more involved in eco-friendly behaviour in the office.

Eliminate disposable items

One of the biggest problems that occurs at the office is disposable waste. If you take a look around most offices, you will easily find disposable napkins, plates, cups and utensils, which contribute to landfill everyday.

The biggest change your organisation can make is eliminating any disposable items that can contribute to landfill. Instead, invest in reusable items such as metal utensils, plastic, china or glass cups and plates, and cotton towels.

Upgrade the office’s lighting

If your office uses incandescent lights, the quickest action that you can take is upgrading the lights to energy-efficient LED lights. The lights consume up to 90% less energy and won’t force staff to change any of their daily habits. Furthermore, your organisation can expect to benefit from 60% energy savings, as well as increased productivity due to the improved quality of lighting.

Encourage staff to work remotely

Another way you can reduce your organisation’s contribution to carbon emissions is by having them minimise the amount of travelling that they do for their work. This could be their daily commute to the office or any regional business travels that they need to do.

Instead, encourage employees to conduct their work remotely where possible. You can still give them the option to come into the office. What you should find is that their level of productivity increases while their contribution to carbon emissions significantly decreases. For those staff members that also commute for work, travel costs should also be significantly reduced.

Provide dedicated recycling areas for different products

Encourage staff to categorise their waste into areas where they can be recycled. Start off by creating areas or placing containers where people can place used glass, metal, stationery, plastics, cardboard and paper. If your office uses printing facilities, then provide another container for used printer cartridges. These items can then be disposed to the appropriate recyclers who can process the items for recycling ethically.

By implementing these practices, you will be able to improve the sustainability practices of your organisation by at least 20%. Give it a try today!