The Savewise team hopes that your organisation has started the New Year with a bang and that your organisation will fulfil the big goals planned for 2017. One of the most important things to consider as a part of your business’s growth strategy is the infrastructure for a solid foundation to grow. To excel in your field, your organisation must provide a safe and inviting environment that will allow employees to thrive in their roles. So if you want to go ‘above and beyond’ in 2017, your organisation should consider investing in the following.

Lighting design

The right lighting design will improve the productivity of your organisation and minimise costs related to health issues. Many businesses are unaware that the lighting setup that they have isn’t at the standard that it should be. For example, the best form of light is natural sunlight. Most offices are designed in a way where staff depends heavily on artificial light.

Staff that are continually exposed to this type of light usually have a lower morale in their work and thus, are less productive.

Should artificial lights be used, it’s ideal to invest in a task lighting setup whereby the Lumens range of the light is similar to sunlight. LED lights that emit a blue colour are an ideal investment for the office space.

Motivational office space

Instead of trying to figure out what will make your employees happy, ask them how they would create their perfect workspace. Employees can spend more than half of their lives in the office and often have the mentality that they are trading in their time and their skills for a paycheck.

By allowing employees to customise their workspace, they can create the perfect environment for them to thrive in. For example, they might want to work in a private office area so they won’t have any distractions. Or they might have an open office where they can easily collaborate with other colleagues.

Investing in a healthy, ergonomic setup is important as well. Allow them to have the perfect desk, chair and views that will keep them inspired and productive in their working role.

Additionally, empower your staff by giving them the equipment and tools that they need to achieve their working goals.

Wellness program

Healthy employees are productive employees. See if your organisation can incentivise a healthier lifestyle through gym partnerships, sports and lifestyle activities, or partnering with healthy food services.

Investing in these areas won’t only help to save your organisation money, but it will assist as a catalyst to grow your business. Evaluate your organisation to see how you can make improvements today.